Hello there! Thanks for taking a look at my online portfolio! 
As you might have guessed, I’m a freelance Illustrator and Cartoonist. Not only am I a fun illustrator, I’m also a great storyteller. I like telling (or helping others tell) a great story. My love of storytelling shows up in my experience in children’s book illustrations, comics, and character design.  
I believe that illustration isn’t just about being technically correct and drawing how something looks. It’s more important to draw how something feels, to give an illustration a sense of personality and movement and character. It's important that my work resonates with the viewer and feels more alive. I’ve been able to do this 
type of work in my projects. I’ve been able to help people tell their stories.

But I also like to contribute to great causes, especially if they deal with kids. I’ve illustrated educational projects like school lessons, mobile apps, and worksheets for primary age students. And I’ve also contributed to projects for autistic children. I like helping kids learn and have fun.  
If you have a project that needs an experienced Illustrator and Storyteller, reach out to me as soon as you can! 
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